Western Paintings


Western Paintings by Donny Marincic

Since man first settled upon the land we now call the West,its history has been kept alive in many ways. The cowboys sang of their adventures around the campfire and poets have penned many a tale. Artists have
painted, carved and sketched the adventure of taming the Wild West. The Native Americans have danced and sang to the Great Spirits who showed them the way across this great land. Western Painting has played a large part in keeping the history of the Western lifestyle alive. Artists have captured the stories on canvas, carved their history into the cliffs and sculpted monuments to tell the stories of how this great land was made into what it is today.

Donny Marincic is an artist who expresses his love for the West and its lore through his art work. Marincic captures the essence of the pure bodied, hearty, and good natured people that he portrays in his pieces. One gains a true comprehension for the daily activities of its people, which makes the West come alive. His paintings and bronzes let ones mind roam freely throughout the piece, leaving you with the feeling of being there.

All images and text copyrighted 1999-2004 by Donny Marincic.